We are pleased to introduce our company to you!
Northern Kneelers, LLC was established in 2010 after being in the concrete industry for over 20 years.  We manufacture knee boards for concrete finishers, plumbers, landscapers and other professions that require, repetitious kneeling during daily operations.
Our goal at Northern Kneelers, LLC is to provide knee boards that are high quality, durable, comfortable, and affordable.
We use a water resistant vinyl material which makes our knee boards light weight, durable and resilient to tears or rips. Each board is 29 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 2 inches tall. This equates to superior weight distribution. Two foot straps (one on each end of the board)  provide finishers with a place to put their feet for easy maneuvering across slabs. Each knee board also offers 4 finger straps for easy grip. All knee boards are easily maintained by washing with a normal scrub brush and water.

What this means for you: 
You'll be able to use your knee boards to finish (float/ trowel/ edge) slabs, in comfort, while minimizing the disturbance of the concrete underneath by distributing your weight over almost 7 square feet of surface area.

You matter!
You are the most important asset to us, here at Northern Kneelers. We want to provide the best knee board solution to you,  at an affordable rate. We value your input. In order to help us provide superior knee boards and service, please feel free to give us feedback and suggestions, by getting in touch with us through our Contact page. Tell us what you think!.  
Check out our Products page for details and more information.